BlueRibbon – Complete control

Totally Gaming caught up with Amir Askarov, CEO and Co-Founder of BlueRibbon, to find out more about the new marketing platform aiming to give operator’s complete control over jackpots.

Totally Gaming: Firstly, for those who are uninitiated, can you introduce BlueRibbon as a company.

Amir Askarov: BlueRibbon develops new, innovative marketing tools for the igaming industry. Our platform allows operators to unleash the full potential of jackpots by creating, customising and controlling bespoke jackpots tailored to their business needs and that cater to all player segments and preferences.

This allows operators to take player engagement and satisfaction to the next level. The company’s co-founders, both former Playtech executives, have a deep understanding of the challenges operators face and strive to create solutions that can help them differentiate themselves while exceeding business KPIs.

TG: Why should operators utilise the BlueRibbon platform?

AA: Today, operators are finding it difficult to differentiate themselves and the limited marketing tools that are available to them, mainly bonuses, come with regulatory constraints that make them less attractive to players and more expensive for operators. BlueRibbon takes a completely different approach to player incentives by reimagining how operators can leverage jackpots to create an engaging player experience.

The flexible, fully-customisable solution gives operators complete control over jackpot creation, enabling them to easily design related campaigns and promotions that appeal to specific player segments and meet their business goals.

TG: BlueRibbon’s executives and founders boast a wealth of industry experience. How crucial will this experience be to the firm’s development?

AA: More than two decades of professional experience in the igaming ecosystem has given us an in-depth understanding of both the B2B and B2C sides of the industry. Our first-hand knowledge of the challenges operators face when trying to meet business goals, coupled with the limitations of existing marketing tools, has provided a unique perspective that drives the development of BlueRibbon’s solution.

Our team is well-versed in finding innovative solutions that support the day-to-day marketing needs of operators yet still remain fluid and flexible enough to adapt to the quickly changing regulations inherent in the industry.

TG: Looking to the future, what goals and targets have been set for BlueRibbon, both short and long-term?

AA: In the short term, BlueRibbon is focused on developing marketing solutions that solve one of the most immediate challenges operators face: differentiation. By leveraging jackpots and functioning as an independent marketing layer, BlueRibbon can give operators full control over their promotions, incentivising players to become brand loyalists.

BlueRibbon’s long-term goal is to become the leading marketing solution that provides operators with a new set of gamification and engagement tools that they an use in addition to what they get from their platform provider.